What is a draft and how do you create one?

Drafts are central to ExtraStatic. So, what is a draft?

Drafts are an experiment that is isolated from your published blog. For example, if you have an idea for a new post, but it isn’t fully finished, you can create a draft to capture the first thoughts. Then, you can share that draft privately without publishing it, get feedback from peers, make changes slowly, and easily publish it when you are ready. You can have as many drafts as you want. Drafts are typpically a single post, but drafts can include many other changes, like styling or even restructuring of your blog. And, if you decide the draft isn’t a direction you want to go in, you can close the draft and abandon that work permanently, with no change to your existing blog.

Each draft gets a private URL with only the changes you made in that draft. This is a URL you can share for feedback without any change to your blog.

Technically, a draft is a branch in git. Each time you create a branch, ExtraStatic builds a private preview site for you (if you have preview sites setup, if not, email chris@extrastatic.com to enable it for now; this will all be automated in the future). You can create drafts inside ExtraStatic.dev by creating a new branch and then adding files to that branch. This works the same as the simpler methods described below.

How do you create a draft?

One easy way is to email your ideas to a private address for your blog at extrastatic. To get this address, visit creator.extrastatic.dev and login, you can click on any of your blogs, then go to settings.


Then, click the checkbox to enable email drafts. Click the save button. You will need to close and re-open the dialog to get the email address.

Enable email

Then, click on the address. Your email client will be launched. You can then add whatever text you want. If your email client supports it, you can add bold text, italics or any other styling, and that will be preserved in your final post.

Then, send the email.

Pretty soon, you will receive an email indicating the draft was created.

Draft created

After a few more minutes, you will receive an email indicating your preview site was created.

Preview site created

Typically you would then edit this draft on your desktop, either within ExtraStatic.dev, or by pulling the code and using an editor.

And, inside creator, you can review preview sites, and even click the button to publish them inside your blog.

Preview and publish

You can also create drafts inside Creator. Click the button to create a new draft, and enter the text you want. Creator will create the draft, and update you when your preview site is ready.